The very idea of bon banh mi was hatched at my kitchen table one summer saturday afternoon in 2010. jeremy

spencer and myself (jason sakran) were asking the age old question, "what do you wanna eat?" we were both

hungry and craving something a little different than charleston's regular offerings. i had just moved back to

charleston from washington dc where southeast asian food was something i could get frequently.  after a quick

restaurant search, nothing sounded good, so we decided to take a quick trip to HL Asian market and three hours later,

the five spice pork banh mi sandwich was born.


for the next 6 months, we made that sandwich every opportunity we could. need something for dinner?  pork banh mi.

need a quick snack before bed, pork banh mi. going to a phish show and wanna sell something in the lot, pork banh mi.

special dinner for out of town guests, pork banh mi. not hungry and just bored, pork banh mi. after months of banh mi

fun, we had the opportunity to open up a charleston farmers market stand and we thought, "what the hell", why not? We

are both working full time jobs. who wouldn't want to wake up at 5:00 am every saturday for 45 straight weeks?


in april 2011, we opened street hero at the charleston farmers market. we had no idea what we were doing and really

didn't know what to expect.  we were literally flying the plane as we built it. 1 month in, we were regularly selling out

each saturday and the response was incredible. by november 2011, we were thinking of the potential for a brick and

mortar. We signed a lease at 162 Spring st in february 2012 and opened the doors to our first location in august of



our downtown location rocked it out for 6 vears before we opened our second location in mount pleasant. leading the

charge and overseeing all operational aspects of the business is kid dynamo, jimmy romano aka james romano.  james

joined the team as owner/operator in 2016 and has helped position bon banh mi for future growth by creating systems,

processes and focusing on what matters most, our customers. 


both james and i live and lead the restaurant with the same approach. while we take the mission seriously, we don't

take ourselves too seriously.  our staff are approachable, engaging, knowledgeable and definitely not too

cool for school. we don't offer foams, reductions, and neither of us is vying for any fancy food awards.  

we try and present our food in the easiest way possible, straightforward and fresh.  we allow the food to speak for

itself and work hard to provide every guest, the same memorable experience.